• Protect your greenhouse, garden furniture from sunlight, rain and weeds. Rainexo® nonwovens and films ensure optimum protection in a versatile range. There are no limits to the use of our tarps. They ensure both a long life for your outdoor furniture, boats etc. and healthy growth for your plants. Our tarps are also ideal for covering wood or hay bales. A high degree of light transmission and transparency ensure sufficient weed protection without putting a strain on your crops. The natural heat build-up under the film ensures uniform growth, even at colder temperatures.

    Protect what is important to you and trust in the highest Bio Green quality. Our own brand Rainexo® not only convinces with first-class material and optimal processing, but also with a fair price-performance ratio. 100% waterproof, UV-resistant and strong! Browse through our extensive range of tarps and see for yourself!


RainExo has the ability to absorb UV radiation and dissipate the energy as low level heat, thus withstanding the pressure to crack or disintegrate under continuous exposure to sunlight.


RainExo is an exceptionally strong co-extruded cross laminated film manufactured through an innovative process.


RainExo has good water barrier property, moisture resistance and retains 100% strength even when wet. Staple / stitch free joints make it waterproof and rot resistant.


RainExo is an exceptionally strong co-extruded cross laminated film manufactured through an innovative process.


All products Rainexo recyclable without harming nature and for re-use.


All products Rainexo 100% Foodgrade without unnecessary impurities.

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  • Our unique 3D ribs technology enables us to ensure highest levels of strength and durability in lamination.
  • It also provides a Pseudo Film Thickness to the tarp.
  • Essentially the 90 gsm film feels like a 200 microns film with its great aesthetically improved 3D ribs.
  • 3D ribs technology provides better abrasion resistance and tear resistance to the film compared to the previous generation of MLCL films in the market.


Traditional Blue Tarp vs RAINEXO

Fabric Tarp technology is outdated

Multi-Layered Cross Laminated Heavy Duty Tarp

It tears easily in Sunlight

Doesn’t tear in sunlight for up-to 7 years

Look shiny from outside but has waste polymers on the inside making it low strength product

Extremely durableMade from virgin polymers

Offers very low UV resistance

Highly resistant to UV & 100% Waterproof